The Way Beef ‘Ought to Be

Cut out the middle men. American Rancher Beef means you get premium quality beef, right from us, the ranchers who raise and manage their cattle to the highest of standards. We know what it takes to raise truly incredible cattle and produce unbelievable beef.

Our Beef

At American Rancher Beef, we believe that great beef comes from strong cattle and tough ranchers. 

Our cattle live outdoors all year long. That means the same animals who live in 20-below winters, thrive all the way through 100-degree summers. They feed on wild grass and local crops, like they’re meant to. Cattle raised in these conditions achieve a truly unparalleled richness and depth of flavor. These animals’ bodies change to suit their region, developing unique intramuscular fats, marbling, and complex flavor profiles. 

Our ranchers have spent years cultivating their animals, to provide the greatest beef in the country. They get up early every day to take care of the cattle - with no days off. These ranchers spend years learning about their cattle, and developing a relationship with their livestock. This dedication and hard work makes our ranchers - and their families - simply the best in the business. 

So, ditch the middlemen. Buy from the rancher.


American Rancher Beef was founded to connect people with high-quality Black Angus beef from heartland American cattle. We spent years trying to source and trace premium American beef, only to be disappointed by droves of middlemen: the distributors, the grocery stores, and the salespeople. 

There was just no good way to find out where your beef was coming from.

So, we decided to raise it ourselves. When we first had the chance to taste local pasture raised beef side by side with grocery store beef options, we were astonished. The intricacies of this beef competed with beef in some of the finest restaurants this country has to offer. We partnered with the best Black Angus ranchers in the country, right here in North Dakota, to create a fully transparent, quality-first operation. 

When you buy from American Rancher Beef, you aren’t buying from a grocery store. You’re buying from a rancher. You’re putting gas in his truck, a roof over his head, and you’re buying feed for his livestock. Not to mention - you get the best American beef that money can buy.


Premium Steaks

Premium Steaks

For the Grill

For the Grill




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