Unless otherwise stated, Monday is the day of shipment. 

We ship to all states in the contiguous United States. We utilize eco-friendly biodegradable cold shipping that contains sustainable insulation made with corn starch, paired with dry ice. The insulation can be dissolved with water, and the exterior box is recyclable. 

If the dry ice in your box has disintegrated, it is okay. Due to environmental factors some packages may arrive partially thawed or at refrigerator temperature. This state is still safe, please put your order into a freezer as soon as possible. Unless you plan on preparing it right away, and if so, you are our kind of people. 

In the event of a delay from the carrier or damage to the shipment, with the result of your beef being spoiled, it will have a sour odor and be very sticky, notify us immediately at hello@americanrancherbeef.com and do not consume. 

Shipping will be selected at checkout. We cannot ship to P.O. boxes or lockers. 

Defrosting your steaks in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours is the recommended method. If time is critical, defrost under cold, trickling water.